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Spanish Pro Football Academy Players continues growing with their Spanish football teams

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The players enrolled in the professional player’s development program are continuing their formation with their respective Spanish teams and playing their weekly team.

South Korea Football Academy Spain

Our South Korean player Ley scored last week his first goal. Ley is playing in Junior honor division, the top tier for Spanish teams in junior age. His current team, Racing Algemesi, is competing against the academy teams of La Liga teams getting a great competition experience promoting his path to the professional contract.

A similar situation is happening to our Azerbayan football player, Emil Azizli. Our younger player, he is only fifteen years old and playing for one of the most recognized academies in Valencia region; CF San José in its cadet team. Last week Emil had one his best performances scoring a hat-trick against Godella, of course, he was one the highest player of the match.

Uzbekistan Football Academy Spain

This extraordinary match had a relevant SPF Academy players favor. The CF San José is one of the Spanish football teams associated with Spanish Pro Football Academy, bringing foreign football players the opportunity to play in Spanish leagues. Due to this agreement between Spanish Pro Football Academy and CF San José another player enrolled in the professional player development program played this match, our Island right wing Runar, being his first match for CF San José.

Australia Football Academy Spain

Another player in junior leagues is the South African football player Swelihle, playing for CF San José in the junior team who has his debut against San Marcelino playing the second half in his wing position. Swelihle will turn seventeen years old in the next months.

SouthAfrica Football Academy Spain

The association team´s program of SPF Academy brings the opportunity to foreign players enrolled in the professional player’s development program to play in Spanish leagues. Like Grant, a full left side player from Australia, with twenty years old he´s playing with CD Serranos in Preferente, a minor semiprofessional league with options to promote tercera next year.

Australia Football Academy Spain

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