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The Levante UD Formation Program is running out

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Some weeks ago we announced Spanish Pro Football Academy and Levante UD joined forces to develop a formation program for international football players.

This joining is a great step forward for both parts; Levante UD will acquired a valorous and contrasted partner in the formation of foreign players in Spain and in exchange the players of Spanish Pro Football Academy will be integrated into the system of Levante UD Academy using some benefits exclusives for Levante UD players like formation programs, trials outs to access Levante UD teams & being part of the continuous scouting program of Levante UD Academy.

The academic formation is the main axel of this program, bringing to the players the possibility to have a first level formation and the opportunity to learn the Spanish way of play.

Mohamed Sherif is the first player enrolled in this program. Original for the United Arab Emirates he contacts Spanish Pro Football Academy through our website searching a quality formation integral program in Europe.

“The Levante UD-SPF Formation program has everything. They bring me a formation program with the possibility to play and train football in Spain with a strong academic formation because I don’t want to lose a day in my academic career”.

Valencia makes in Mohamed a strong positive impression; “Valencia is very beautiful and the weather is great, I love to spend time with my friends at the beach”

Mohamed is fully integrated with a group with other sixteen years old kids with same interest and style of life, and the assistance of all the Spanish Pro Football Academy technical staff taking care of any details and making truly easy his integration into the Spanish football.

If are in the same situation like Mohamed Sherif, you are interested to receive more information about all our football programs, don’t hesitate to contact us and reach us at