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Korean SPF´s former player, Kim Taehum , joins for Ecija Balompié in the semi-professional league Tercera

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The highiest satisfaction for the SPF staff is see its players achieving their professional football goals. The career of the Korean player Kim Taehum is one of those

From the early beginning Kim showed a great discipline and engage with the team and the academy, with a strictly methodology follow up. He developed an intensive study and play football program in the SPF facilities for one year.

Kim dedicates the whole first year for an intensive program, combining morning specific trainings, focus in the improving for the intensity and the understanding of the Spanish football methodology. And in the  afternoon Kim trained academy team in Valencia dedicated to grow his level up to the Spanish level.

The upgrading on the intensity of the game and the understanding of the Spanish style of play are the greatest challenges for all the foreign players landing in Spain.

The technical staff and coaches of Spanish Pro Football Academy works closely with the players to bespoke the training program in each different level of players. The final goal is to upgrade the technical, tactical and physical skills of each player up to the spanish competition level.

Over this year the technical staff evaluated the Kim´s improvement in each training and decided to transfer the player to a team in the Spanish U19 Second Division where he shined early.

Kim Taehun - SPF Player

Kim Taehun Ecija vs Real Betis

After this experience the team; Ecija Balonpié called the academy to recruit the player for his first team.

Ecija Balonpié is an historic and reputed football team from souther Spain usually being part of the Segunda B and Tercera division.

This is the second season for Kim at Ecija Balonpie, being an important part of the team with relevant performances shining between the young Korean football players in Europe.

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