Bringing Japanese football knowledge to the Spanish Pro Football Academy

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Looking to better the services they offer to their Japanese football players, SPF Academy has hired Mahiro Hasegawa to join their coaching staff.

Now living in Valencia, the Japanese coach moved from Yokosuka, JP for a two-year developmental coaches’ program.

The motivation behind his move was his interest in the Spanish way of playing football and how he could apply it to the Japanese style.

Mahiro began his career at the Glauna Football Academy in Tokyo coaching young players and at the FC Barcelona Football Camps in Japan.

These experiences are what prepared him for his next career challenge: learning the core of Spanish football

Mahiro Hasegawa

In the words of Mahiro, “These months have been fantastic. The knowledge and first-person experience with Spanish football have been a great value to me. It has shocked me how much football mixes in with the Spanish daily life. It seems like just one element mixed with the training methodology can achieve team and individual goals”.

Starting in June 2018, Mahiro, a new member of the Academy’s staff, will lead the football programs for the Japanese football players including summer camps, cultural exchanges, pre-season stages and the professional football players program.

Ruben Estelles, CEO of SPF said; “Mahiro is a great guy and he´s doing a great labor with the kids, specially the Japanese football players.  We are really happy to have him with us”

By hiring Mahiro Hasegawa, Spanish Pro Football Academy will be able to offer their services to a larger consumer group by having a native Japanese coach on their coaching team.

This addition will be very helpful for the players looking for a quick adaptation to the Spanish culture and their new view towards football.

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