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The football season 2017-2018 is recently over but the technical departments of the teams are on fire planning next season.  It´s time to evaluate the player´s reports and do a balance between players coming in and out, to set best team possible.

Between June and August, the Spanish teams evaluate all the scouting players report collected along the season. This technical department duty is complemented with trials organized by the same teams to complete the bench of the next season.

The application of the tryouts in the Spanish football is relative recently but its rising in the last years, with some significant differences with the tryouts executed out of Europe.

The big part of the tryouts are restricted for four or five players only to very concrete positions and being part of the whole team. The goal to do the tryouts by this way is to evaluate the adaptation of the candidate to the team, not just his technical skills.

In fact, the adaptation capacity of the player to the style of play of the team is the most important factor to be selected by a team in Spain. To achieve that in Spanish Pro Football Academy we develop an intensive training program to train the foreign footballers to the tactical of the Spanish teams and their intensity in the game.

This short term program starts with an evaluation trial of the player and a bespoke training program to increase the possibilities to be selected by a team in the tryouts stages of July.

The Spanish Pro Football Academy preseason program includes as well trials searching for the footballer, where he can play the rest of the season.

If you are interested in this program, send us an email to with your football resume and we will bring you a suitable program for your possibilities.