Summer is coming, it's soccer camp time

Summer is coming, it’s Soccer Camp Time

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Spanish Pro Football Academy opens the admission list for his summer camp

Summer is coming, it's soccer camp time
Spring is officially here, only three months to welcome the summer and the main clubs are planning their own summer camps. In SPF we are not avoiding it, and we are ready to lunch our International Summer Camp in Valencia, Spain.

Our camp runs the same philosophy as our academy and we adapt it to each nationality and age group. This philosophy is focused in the Spanish football training methodology in double daily training session (morning and afternoon) drive by Spanish FIFA certificated coaches with large experience in international soccer.

Summer is coming, it's Soccer Camp TimeThe SPF Summer Camp has not a concrete day on/off dates, so players interested to attend it can planning easier their vacation period without losing day of training and holidays. This flexibility brings the capacity to develop an individual follow up to each player planning an own “summer program”.

The Spanish Pro Football Academy bring to their summer camp participants a full booked residence where will share training and summer activities, like beach day and cultural experiences with visits to the old town or the futurist “Arts & Science City” , all placed in the city of Valencia. All the activities and the residence hosting are coordinated by the managers of the Spanish Pro Football Academy who takes care for all the players integrated in the summer camp program.

Complementary the camp brings the possibility to attend to the Valencia CF Summer Camp and hosting services for the parents who wants to come to Spain to enjoy this football experience as a family.

If you are interested to receive more information about our summer camp like dates and rates; do not hesitate to contact us at We will attend ad hoc each request