Ahmed Mohammed protagonist at WWW.GOLSMEDIA.COM

Ahmed Mohammed protagonist at WWW.GOLSMEDIA.COM

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The Egyptian player recently joins for Mislata FC at Tercera División in Spain

The local sports news website www.golsmedia.com is reporting the last transfer of our player Ahmed Mohamed. The Egyptian player will starts 2018 playing for MISLATA CF one of the top teams in Cuarta División, the four tier in the Spanish league and the start point to be professional to every future pro player. http://golsmedia.com/gaby-fernandez-ahmed-fichajes-lujo-mislata/

Ahmed Mohamed with 20 years arrived Spain last year from Egypt joining Spanish Pro Football Academy with an intensive program to adapt him for the Spanish football style. At the end he become player of the junior team of Acero UD, an historic team in Valencia, with former players like the Spanish national player, David Navarro.

The recent successful of Ahmed is not a lucky matter; “I know I must to work each day to make my dream true”, regarding the reality of football in Spain Ahmed has a clear mindset; “all pro players started by the lowest step, in Tercera the matter is becoming serious and bring you the right conditions to jump to a professional tier in the close next years.”

Ahmed is being part of the intensive training program of Spain Pro Football Academy combining studies and football with the academy and the trainings of the team in Cuarta. This program is proving being successful for players from 16 to 25 years old.

Ahmed is the latest player achieving the semi-pro tier and starting the professional player path in football; before them other players did the same program with similar attainment was Orkhan Ibadv from Ukraina, Kim Taehun from South Korea, Hanif Faturrahman from Indonesia or David Jason Taylor from United States of America.

The full season program of Spain Pro Football Academy allows not EU players the way to play in Spain in the start tiers of Spanish professional football.