Trainings & Philosophy

SPF work with high intensity football trainings on pitch during 1:45h to develop and improve the individual technique. Three days per week, conducted by our profesional coaches. After the individual analysis of each player, the exercises focus on their deficiencies or weaknesses.

  • Both feets passes and shoots
  • One against one
  • Long and short balls
  • Air and shallow control
  • Goal shots
  • Crosses
  • Pressure and force with the position of the body
  • Speed in the conduction of the ball (improvement of the dribble)
  • Psychomotricity exercises

Other sessions are focused on improving group tactics. Players learn to read the needs of the game and how to anticipate their position.

  • Individual tactics (the importance of correct position in the field)
  • And defensive and offensive tactics.

Once per week our physiotherapist and fitness trainer work with the players on the pitch. Terapy sessions to train the “Proprioception”. The components of our joints (muscles, tendons and ligaments) along with vision and balance constantly send information to the brain about its position with respect to our environment resulting in the execution or realization of precise movements. The ligaments offer resistance to anomalous movement and also provide a neurological feedback, that is, they inform us about the position of the joint and produces a response that protects us from excessive tension, thus avoiding a possible injury.

A proprioception training serves to reeducate our utomatomatic and reflex responses and therefore avoid future injuries.

Theoretical analysis of SPF trainings and matches. We record our sessions to analize them with the Head coach and Sports Director. Lessons to learn.

Weekly gym sessions conducted by our coach and fitness trainer to work the upper train and to increase the strength. Further improvements are made to each player’s physical attributes through strength and conditioning training, enabling them to be fully prepared for a sporty professional life.