Our teaching methodology is based on the formula “learning by doing”, which is based on personal experimentation and becomes a vital piece in the process of training students as it facilitates up to 75% retention of knowledge.

We have Private Football courses, all games, recreations and training sessions are designed to transfer the different problems that students encounter in the different areas of the sport, allowing participants to implement different strategies and tools to overcome them that have previously acquired In the theoretical sessions, both face-to-face and distance learning.

It is evident the need to work in a coordinated and active way, to carry out the process of identification, analysis and solution of the problems raised, moving from this form of a purely theoretical to an essentially practical training.

Theses courses are for footballers or coaches and have a theoretical and a practical phase that is performed in the academy itself and its facilities. With the option to work the theoretical part online.

We also have a SPF Football Formation annual-program, where we include the UEFA coach certificate (valid worldwide) and manage practical phase in a Spanish teams combined with our private trainings.