New Japan Football player enrolled in our football academy.

Spanish Pro Football Academy welcomes its second Japanese player; Ren Nagamatsu. Original from the Aomori Prefecture, Ren had a long relationship with soccer being part of the Aomori Yamada Soccer Academy, one of the most successful football academies in Japan.

Enrolled in Aomori Yamada squad;  Ren has been playing in the top tier for the Junior age until he turned eighteen years old when he was promoted to the Nagoya Sangyou University FC team where he was playing from 2016 to 2019.

It was there where Ren Nagamatsu showed his incredible skills as left and right winger with very powerful athletics skills.

Japan Football Player Spain Soccer Academy

Ren arrived at the Spanish Pro Football Academy past February 8th enrolling in our Spanish team tryout program. This program is bespoke for each player preparing a list of trials in Spanish teams depending on the player´s skills, age, level and goals, the season moment and the needs and goals for the Spanish football teams.

With this entire scenario, the Spanish Pro Football Academy elaborates a list of trials to be executed by the player to finally achieve a contract proposal from the team.

These proposals are usually amateur or semi-professional proposal bringing the opportunities to the players to start their path to the professional football career competing in academies leagues where the Spanish La Liga teams search players for their academy teams.

Our second Japanese football player is starting his first Spanish football team tryouts for some preferente teams, in the 5th tier at Spanish football and the previous stage to reach the semiprofessional level. His goal is to complement his football career with his last year degree in Marketing

In his first friendly match in Spain with the Spanish Pro Football Academy Squad, he had a very good performance scoring one goal. We are pretty sure he finally will achieve his goals in Spanish football.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in our Spanish Football team trial program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal

Spanish Football Academy trials

SPF Academy, Spanish Football learning from Valencia to the world

The main goal of Spanish Pro Football Academy is to make accessible for player worldwide the possibility to compete for football in Spain.

This was the why the managers’ team started this project three years ago and after this period we are proud to show the successful case of many players are turning their dreams reality playing in Spain and in some determinate cases developing a professional football career in Spain or in their respective countries.

Over these three years, the task of the teams associated to the academy was key bringing the players the possibility to train and play with real Spanish teams fully integrated with their respective squads.

Teams like Atlético Saguntino, Historics Valencia CF, R. Algemesí, Masanassa, Athletic Vallbonense, Rambleta, Serranos CF, CD Zafranar, CF San José or Olimpic Xátiva are strong partners for the correct development of the program. They bring their squads in the different categories; Junior, Cadet, Infants, … to enroll the academy players in their respective teams.

Spanish Pro Football Academy is proud to host players from the five continents; currently, in our academy, we have nineteen different nations; from South Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan, to South Africa or Namibia.   From  Iceland or Rusia to Egypt and United Arab Emirates. From the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia to India, Azerbayán, and Kzajistan. From Guadalupe to Ukrania. SPF Academy is a whole experience of the football internationalization and it globalization power approaching cultures through the love for football.

All the players enrolled in our professional players’ development program are receiving a complete academic program adapted to their respective training sessions and their academic level.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in the professional player development program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.

Fulham SPF Academy web

SPF Academy will manage the Fulham FC International Player Development Programme in Valencia.

Last Thursday the Premier League club Fulham Football Club announced a new international player development programme launching in Valencia in partnership with The Higher Sports Academy, a British corporation associated with Spanish Pro Football Academy.

This program is created for international players from 16 to 19 years old and has the goal to bring access to the players worldwide for a chance to the professional football career.

The International Player Development Programme will replicate the principles of Fulham FC’s successful Academy and all players will be monitored by the Club with a view to finding the next star and coaching methods reviewed by Fulham FC qualified coaches and Management staff.

The structure of the program will replicate the successful model of Spanish Pro Football Academy; with FIFA certificated coaches, specific academy training sessions and the chance to register and train with Spanish League sides, gaining vital match experience playing in Spain and achieving a high standard in football skills competition.

Besides the athletic formation, the enrolled players will receive a quality education programme that includes daily Spanish lessons and a choice of education options including:

  • A BTEC Sports Level 3 qualification provided by an outstanding OFSTED rated education provider
  • A range of subjects offered by Mas Camarena a private bilingual school rated as one of the top schools in Spain
  • American High School Studies

Mas Camarena Students’ Resort & Sports Centre will host this relevant Fulham Academy initiative, bringing the future professional players best conditions for their formation.

Academy Director, Huw Jennings added: “We are excited about a new development which will give opportunities for us to explore talented players in Spain and other territories.”

This program will works as a test-bed by Fulham FC for their international players with the potential to include a future professional football player contract. Mas Camarena Student´s & Resort Center will receive first Fulham players in the next days.

For further information about the programme or the application process students/players should contact:

Kim Tae Hun Gyeongnam FC

SPF Academy former player Tae Hun Kim enrolled for Gyeongnam FC

The player is one of the new hires for the 2017 K League Champion, Gyeongnam FC starting its second year at the top tier in the South Korean football.

Tae Hun was enrolled for two years in Spanish Pro Football Academy with our professional player development program. Doing the program Kim had the opportunity to start his semi-professional career in minor leagues and upgrading his athletic and football level up to the Spanish standards.

Last year in Spain, Kim was enrolled for Ecija Balompie in the segunda b division, the third tier for the Spanish football and the welcome door to the professional career.

In Ecija Balompie he had the chance to play against relevant Spanish teams like Real Betis Balonpie, with their main line up players, and the academy teams of Sevilla FC and Real Betis Balonpie FC.

Over his stay in the Spanish Pro Football Academy, he was enrolled into the Professional Football Program, with morning sessions with the other SPF Academy players and afternoon training session with his junior age team, Huracan Valencia, where he played against junior teams like Valencia CF, Levante UD, Villarreal CF, and similar.

Tae Hun is a hard dedicated player focus in his career and taking care of every aspect of his life to achieve the best conditions for a professional football team. Technically Tae Hun is an offensive player can play like a winger in both sides and both sides forward.

The last hiring by Gyeongnam FC for Tae Hun Kim confirms the system of SPF Academy forming professionals players like David Taylor, backing to their home country to the professional leagues being professional players.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in the professional player development program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.

Firza Andika at SPF traning fields

Indonesia national team player, Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

The Indonesian player Firza Andika recently join into the SPF Academy family to move one step forward in his professional career.

Firza is a full left side player, heading offensive left wing and midfielder or a defensive left back position, and he enrolled Spanish Pro Football Academy to receive a specific training program last month of November.

The planning of this stage have done by SPF Academy and the player´s agent agency;   2 Touch Internacional.

Born on November 12th, 1999 Firza Andika is one of the most rising starts of the Indonesian football.  With only 19 years old he started in the GO-JEK TRAVELOKA LIGA 1 being one of the best rookies of the main Indonesia league enrolled in the squad of PSMS Medan.

Last 2018 season with PSMS Medan brought very interesting records, playing nine games and bringing two goals assistances against Persija Jakarta and PSIS.

Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

He´s being an important part of the national team from the under 16 categories with a regular line up in each category. In fact, he´s being part right now of the under 23 team and is on the target for the main Indonesian team.

Andika´s decision was taken because the player´s intention to upgrade his competitive level and maybe follow his career in the European football leagues. With these targets, the Spanish Pro Football Academy technical team have designed him a bespoke program to place Firza in the path to accomplish those goals.

Firza will follow a bespoke program including an academic and football program in the SPF Academy and training with the Tercera division team, UD Alzira. One of the most recognized teams in minor leagues in Spain.

The football program includes double training sessions, one in the morning with the other players of SPF Academy to upgrade his tactical level to the Spanish leagues level and a deep understanding of the Spanish game style. The second one, in the afternoon, is being with UD Alzira being part of the squad understanding the Spanish style of game.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in this program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The partnership between SPF Academy and UD Levante is running

The players of Spanish Pro Football Academy are enjoying the partnership agreement between SPF Academy and UD Levante over all the work lines including in the deal to form professional football players under the Spanish methodology style of play.

Past Thursday, November 22nd we had one of the player´s professional development activities including in the partnership program with UD Levante. The friendly match between the SPF Academy team and the UD Levante International team was head at the UD Levante training complex at Buñol and had the goal to test the level of each player into a competitive environment with high-performance players.

In the end, UD Levante international won 1 by 0 to Spanish Pro Football Academy team in a very competitive match without clear options for any of the teams.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The first half the SPF teams suffer the intensive control of the UD Levante squad pressing the ball over all the field with a hard offensive focus but the defensive order for the SPF squad continuously broke the options for UD Levante International arriving at the half-time.

The second half began with a very equal control of the game with clear options by both clubs but arriving at the last quarter of the game was a monologue for SPF team with clear options to score the draw for the match arriving at the end with the final 1-0 to UD Levante International.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Friendly matches are an important part in the SPF Academies and it is almost weekly besides the official match (for the players enrolled with a minor league´s team). The fact to play a match in the same facilities a professional La Liga´s team train each day it’s a very exciting experience for all our players seeing very closely the daily task of a professional team from La Liga.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in this program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.

Physical Test SPF

SPF Academy players on their physical fitness test

The physical aspect is getting relevance in the football performance today because this we do a physical fitness test to our academy´s players three times pair season.

Ten general physical skills should be incorporated into every aspect of athletic activity, as well as each of the human energy pathways. A comprehensive fitness program addresses each of these and can be deemed successful only to the degree which if offers improvement, while individuals are considered fit in equal measure to their competency in each of these skills.

These physical skills are: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Agility, Accuracy, Balance and Coordination

All the players pass the test at the beginning of the football season, in the middle of it and when the football season is ending. The test is managing by our technical staff, focusing on the main important aspects for the football players preparation.

The final goals of the test are:

  • Having a metric reference by the coaches and the technical staff to design a bespoke program for each player in order to achieve individual goals.
  • Make players aware about their capacities and the good of the collective and individual enforcement.

This is one step forward from SPF Academy to bring foreign players the best conditions for their professional football preparation for the Spanish football leagues.

In words of Ruben Estelles, CEO of Spanish Pro Football Academy; “The continuous demanding of more intensive players by teams, needs a very complete player not only in technical skills as well tactical and physical. These tests bring to the technical staff a better idea of the weakness and strengths of each player doing better follow up of their individual workout program”

If you are interested in our professional player development program don’t hesitate and reach us at and we will design your bespoke program.

Laurent SPF player playing for Olimpic Xativa

Great performance for Ben and Laurent in the Olimpic Xativa victory

Both players had a relevant performance in the victory of Olimpic Xativa vs UD Alzira, one of the most important derbies at the 3rd division this year.

The team of Xativa wons 4 to 0 to UD Alzira with the essential participation of the both SPF Academy players Ben and Laurent.

Entering from the bench at the second half, their performance turned the match a monologue of Olimpic Xativa creating very dangerous opportunities, especially for Ben. This was the first game for the American player holding the forward position where he was showed his incredible speed and technique bring a lot of goal opportunities standing up the grandstand attended to the match.

After the match, Ben said; “The feelings are good, I´m happy to bring work to the team and keep ready for the decision of the coach”

First match for Ben with Olimpic Xativa

By his side, the Caribbean player from Guadalupe, Laurent, is being a usual choice for the Olimpic´s coach is one of the most versatile players of the team playing as a right midfielder or box to box midfielder where Laurent can show his brutal physical skills and his great vision of the game.

Laurent is being a key player in the season of Olimpic Xativa, with a very important role in the squad not only for the football skills as well for his inestimable will and dedication with the squad outside the field. This is an important active all the coaches needs in their bench.

Olimpic Xativa is heading the ranking of the third division, number six group with right now, with one victory advance of the next team Atlético Saguntino and is holding the promotion places to segunda b the last step before entering the professional football career.

Ben and Laurent are enrolled in our professional players’ development program, if you are interested how to be enrolled in this program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.

The January market window will open soon and it’s the last chance to have options for tercera and segunda b teams.

Rudra Ved SPF Indian Football Player

First line up for the indian player Rudra Ved

The SPF Academy player from India,  Rudra Ved has his first line up with Atletico Saguntino u19 junior team.

Rudra Ved made his debut against one of the top teams of the league La Creu Club de Futbol Pobla de Farnals. Both teams are competing at Comunidad Valenciana Preferente Under 19 League First Group with other academy teams like Villarreal CF “C” Under 19 team or CD Castellón “B” Under 19 team.

After three months enrolled in Spanish Pro Football Academy, Rudra achieves his dream, play football in Spain.

This is just the first step into the professional career for any football player. The academy minor leagues are the hunting field for the professional teams’ scouts in Spain. Players like, Iniesta, Koke or De Gea started their career at this leagues.

Rudra is a central back player with very good athletic conditions making a good choice for the team when the game needs an extra strength, a very important skill combined with the intensity learned in the SPF Academy turns Rudra a very attractive player for the Atlético Saguntino junior team. Rudra will turn 19 years old next February and he´s enrolled with the complete professional player´s development program, combining study, morning training with Spanish Pro Football Academy in the morning, to upgrade his football level, and afternoon training with Atlético Saguntino Junior team to be ready for the weekly game. He lives in the SPF residency with the other Spanish Pro Football Academy players, learning values like fellowship and professional life. This is a key point for players with the same age range like Rudra and makes the difference lot of times when kids have the choice to turn professionals.

If you are interested in our professional player development program don’t hesitate and reach us at and we will design your bespoke program.

Laurent fight a ball with Olimpic

Olimpic Xátiva joins the SPF´s players, Laurent & Ben, for its new project in Spanish 3rd Division.

Olimpic Xativa is one of the most iconic teams in the East of Spain, with 86 years of history in the minor leagues of Spain, some relevant professional football players started their career in this club.

Laurent and Ben have joined to this exclusive selection of players for season 2018-2019 through the application into the tryout players program of Spanish Pro Football Academy past Summer 2018.

The tryout players program is a focused to players interested to start their professional football career in Spain, helping the access to team´s trials in semiprofessional divisions in Spain to be scouted by superior teams in long periods.

This point is critical for the professional teams looking for the excellence of the players over all the season.

This is the second year for Laurent it Spanish Pro Football Academy and the first for Ben.

Ben with the uniform of SPF Academy

Laurent is a strong left wing and left midfielder player original from the Caribbean Island of Guadalupe. Ben is a very complimentary player for Laurent, born and rises in New York, USA, this is the first year for Ben at Spanish Pro Football Academy.

Tercera division is the first step into the semi-professional divisions in Spain and the main scouting market for the Spanish professional teams. Many of these Tercera teams plays the Royal Cup (Copa del Rey) were sometimes are drafted to play against very recognized teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, Atlético de Madrid, etc …

Laurent and Ben will be combining the pieces of training with Olimpic Xátiva at the afternoons with the training with SPF academy at the morning with the goal to improve their football level and have the best options to be scouted in the season matches.

If you are interested in our professional player development program don’t hesitate and reach us at and we will design your bespoke program.