Firza Andika at SPF traning fields

Indonesia national team player, Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

The Indonesian player Firza Andika recently join into the SPF Academy family to move one step forward in his professional career.

Firza is a full left side player, heading offensive left wing and midfielder or a defensive left back position, and he enrolled Spanish Pro Football Academy to receive a specific training program last month of November.

The planning of this stage have done by SPF Academy and the player´s agent agency;   2 Touch Internacional.

Born on November 12th, 1999 Firza Andika is one of the most rising starts of the Indonesian football.  With only 19 years old he started in the GO-JEK TRAVELOKA LIGA 1 being one of the best rookies of the main Indonesia league enrolled in the squad of PSMS Medan.

Last 2018 season with PSMS Medan brought very interesting records, playing nine games and bringing two goals assistances against Persija Jakarta and PSIS.

Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

He´s being an important part of the national team from the under 16 categories with a regular line up in each category. In fact, he´s being part right now of the under 23 team and is on the target for the main Indonesian team.

Andika´s decision was taken because the player´s intention to upgrade his competitive level and maybe follow his career in the European football leagues. With these targets, the Spanish Pro Football Academy technical team have designed him a bespoke program to place Firza in the path to accomplish those goals.

Firza will follow a bespoke program including an academic and football program in the SPF Academy and training with the Tercera division team, UD Alzira. One of the most recognized teams in minor leagues in Spain.

The football program includes double training sessions, one in the morning with the other players of SPF Academy to upgrade his tactical level to the Spanish leagues level and a deep understanding of the Spanish game style. The second one, in the afternoon, is being with UD Alzira being part of the squad understanding the Spanish style of game.

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SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The partnership between SPF Academy and UD Levante is running

The players of Spanish Pro Football Academy are enjoying the partnership agreement between SPF Academy and UD Levante over all the work lines including in the deal to form professional football players under the Spanish methodology style of play.

Past Thursday, November 22nd we had one of the player´s professional development activities including in the partnership program with UD Levante. The friendly match between the SPF Academy team and the UD Levante International team was head at the UD Levante training complex at Buñol and had the goal to test the level of each player into a competitive environment with high-performance players.

In the end, UD Levante international won 1 by 0 to Spanish Pro Football Academy team in a very competitive match without clear options for any of the teams.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The first half the SPF teams suffer the intensive control of the UD Levante squad pressing the ball over all the field with a hard offensive focus but the defensive order for the SPF squad continuously broke the options for UD Levante International arriving at the half-time.

The second half began with a very equal control of the game with clear options by both clubs but arriving at the last quarter of the game was a monologue for SPF team with clear options to score the draw for the match arriving at the end with the final 1-0 to UD Levante International.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Friendly matches are an important part in the SPF Academies and it is almost weekly besides the official match (for the players enrolled with a minor league´s team). The fact to play a match in the same facilities a professional La Liga´s team train each day it’s a very exciting experience for all our players seeing very closely the daily task of a professional team from La Liga.

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Rudra Ved SPF Indian Football Player

First line up for the indian player Rudra Ved

The SPF Academy player from India,  Rudra Ved has his first line up with Atletico Saguntino u19 junior team.

Rudra Ved made his debut against one of the top teams of the league La Creu Club de Futbol Pobla de Farnals. Both teams are competing at Comunidad Valenciana Preferente Under 19 League First Group with other academy teams like Villarreal CF “C” Under 19 team or CD Castellón “B” Under 19 team.

After three months enrolled in Spanish Pro Football Academy, Rudra achieves his dream, play football in Spain.

This is just the first step into the professional career for any football player. The academy minor leagues are the hunting field for the professional teams’ scouts in Spain. Players like, Iniesta, Koke or De Gea started their career at this leagues.

Rudra is a central back player with very good athletic conditions making a good choice for the team when the game needs an extra strength, a very important skill combined with the intensity learned in the SPF Academy turns Rudra a very attractive player for the Atlético Saguntino junior team. Rudra will turn 19 years old next February and he´s enrolled with the complete professional player´s development program, combining study, morning training with Spanish Pro Football Academy in the morning, to upgrade his football level, and afternoon training with Atlético Saguntino Junior team to be ready for the weekly game. He lives in the SPF residency with the other Spanish Pro Football Academy players, learning values like fellowship and professional life. This is a key point for players with the same age range like Rudra and makes the difference lot of times when kids have the choice to turn professionals.

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UAE Football Association joins forces with SPF for its football player’s development program

The United Arab Emirates Football Association through Regional Sports, recently has select Spanish Pro Football Academy to develop a full football player´s development program for its women football team.

Two of the top players of the UAE Women National team are heading up an intensive football program including tryout with Valencia CF and UD Levante women teams. The players Noura Almazrooei and Nouf Aladwan will be part of the teams with the rest of the women players, while they are developing the trial stage football program.

The program will be extended for two weeks and it is including trainings with the women teams for Valencia CF and UD Levante and tactical sessions with the Spanish Pro Football Academy coaches. Over this time the players are hosted in a specific women athlete’s residence with full meal board and a transfer shuttle service from residence to the training complex of each club and the SPF training facilities. The players has a continuous assistance of a team manager while their free time.

SPF players meets Valencia CF players

Spanish Pro Football Academy has a specific women football management work crew, specialized to fulfill all the specific needs a women football group could request.

Women football is having an incredible rising in the last years, since  FIFA decided nake a bid for the discipline with huge media broadcasting and sponsoring support.

In Spain, the arrival of huge sponsors and brands like Iberdrola, catching the main partnership of the women first division league, and the media coverage in TV of the competitions are pushing the discipline to its highest moment in history.

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Al Ain FC search for excellence with SPF, young football academy in Spain

The professional football club Al Ain FC recently close an agreement with Spanish Pro Football Academy to develop a training program for its more talented players this summer.

From July 22nd until August 7th, nine of its best players will receive an intensive training stage in the football facilities of Spanish Pro Football Academy.

This is an initiative of Mr. Sultarn Rashed, to develop the capabilities of Al Ain FC players and coaches in term to detect and raise the leadership inside Al Ain FC.

The players will have the sixteen journeys training as a pre-season preparation for the 2018-2019 season, starting Aug 10th, 2018.

Al Ain CF is the most successful club in United Arab Emirates, wining thirteen UAE championships, seven president cups and the Asian Champions League in 2003. This activity is including in the strategy of the club to develop the own talent with the best quality formation worldwide, including this football program in Spain.

Al Ain FC players attending tactical lesson

To hand this pre-season stage the Spanish Pro Football Academy set a training schedule combining technical and tactical trainings, tactical speeches, friendly games and other with a contrasted technical staff experienced in several of the most reputed young football academies in Spain.

Spanish Pro football academy will bring all the services for Al Ain FC pre-season stage, including hotel, transfers and full board for the players and the club staff with best quality range of services.

This is one of the services bridged by SPF´s Academy as for individual players or whole professional teams, dedicated to upgrade their abilities and face their own local competition in best conditions possible.

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