SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Looking back SPF Academy 2018 year events

Past 2018 was a big year for SPF Academy, we made very good new friends and some of our old friends made us proud of them starting their professional career in clubs worldwide.

The past year was the first for SPF Academy as tournament promoters and managers bringing us the opportunity to meet new players and clubs worldwide in trophies like First edition of Trofeo Escoles Valencia CF for ages from 6 to 8 years old where we held forty teams associated to Valencia CF Academy in the training complex of Valencia CF.

Besides we had an incredible experience promoting the first women tournament “SPF – Vila del Puig” with three ages group from 8 years old to above.

SPF Vila del Puig Women Football

In that tournament, we had the opportunity to share trends and opinions around women football with some relevant names from FIFA and La Liga uncovering a brilliant perspective for the women football worldwide.

Both tournaments will have their second edition next year and SPF Academy will be there.

We had the pleasure to host clubs and academies from any part of the world; like Regional Sports from Abu-Dabi. One of the most recognized football academies from the UAE. From UAE we had as well the last FIFA Clubs World Cup Vice-Champion, Al-Ain FC have choice SPF Academy to do the pre-season stage for their U14 and U16 players. From Bahrain, we received as well, Winners Football Center and from UAE we received as well a group of players from the UAE women national team.

Al Ain players at SPF Offices

Al Ain players at SPF Offices

We hosted as well a great group from the association “Everything is possible” from Liverpool, UK and from South Africa the U12 team from Premier Football Academy.  All they had the willingness to enjoy their Spanish football experience and develop their football skills in our academy in Valencia or in short football trips around Spain.  We had great memories of all of them and hopefully, we can look forward quickly in the future.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Meanwhile, our group of players enrolled in our professional players’ development program is continuously growing with players from USA, Indonesia, Korea, China, Egypt, India, Colombia, Singapore, … our wish for 2019 is their wills comes true.

Cheers for that.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The partnership between SPF Academy and UD Levante is running

The players of Spanish Pro Football Academy are enjoying the partnership agreement between SPF Academy and UD Levante over all the work lines including in the deal to form professional football players under the Spanish methodology style of play.

Past Thursday, November 22nd we had one of the player´s professional development activities including in the partnership program with UD Levante. The friendly match between the SPF Academy team and the UD Levante International team was head at the UD Levante training complex at Buñol and had the goal to test the level of each player into a competitive environment with high-performance players.

In the end, UD Levante international won 1 by 0 to Spanish Pro Football Academy team in a very competitive match without clear options for any of the teams.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The first half the SPF teams suffer the intensive control of the UD Levante squad pressing the ball over all the field with a hard offensive focus but the defensive order for the SPF squad continuously broke the options for UD Levante International arriving at the half-time.

The second half began with a very equal control of the game with clear options by both clubs but arriving at the last quarter of the game was a monologue for SPF team with clear options to score the draw for the match arriving at the end with the final 1-0 to UD Levante International.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Friendly matches are an important part in the SPF Academies and it is almost weekly besides the official match (for the players enrolled with a minor league´s team). The fact to play a match in the same facilities a professional La Liga´s team train each day it’s a very exciting experience for all our players seeing very closely the daily task of a professional team from La Liga.

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Tae Hun Gyeongnam FC

Korean SPF´s former player, Kim Taehum , joins for Ecija Balompié in the semi-professional league Tercera

The highiest satisfaction for the SPF staff is see its players achieving their professional football goals. The career of the Korean player Kim Taehum is one of those

From the early beginning Kim showed a great discipline and engage with the team and the academy, with a strictly methodology follow up. He developed an intensive study and play football program in the SPF facilities for one year.

Kim dedicates the whole first year for an intensive program, combining morning specific trainings, focus in the improving for the intensity and the understanding of the Spanish football methodology. And in the  afternoon Kim trained academy team in Valencia dedicated to grow his level up to the Spanish level.

The upgrading on the intensity of the game and the understanding of the Spanish style of play are the greatest challenges for all the foreign players landing in Spain.

The technical staff and coaches of Spanish Pro Football Academy works closely with the players to bespoke the training program in each different level of players. The final goal is to upgrade the technical, tactical and physical skills of each player up to the spanish competition level.

Over this year the technical staff evaluated the Kim´s improvement in each training and decided to transfer the player to a team in the Spanish U19 Second Division where he shined early.

Kim Taehun - SPF Player

Kim Taehun Ecija vs Real Betis

After this experience the team; Ecija Balonpié called the academy to recruit the player for his first team.

Ecija Balonpié is an historic and reputed football team from souther Spain usually being part of the Segunda B and Tercera division.

This is the second season for Kim at Ecija Balonpie, being an important part of the team with relevant performances shining between the young Korean football players in Europe.

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Adrianno Pizzo: From Training at the SPF to The Start of His Professional Football Career

Spanish Pro Football Academy has one goal: helping worldwide players achieving their goal of establishing a professional soccer career. SPF does this by helping the players improve their soccer skills and mental ability at the SPF.


With his need, Adrianno Pizzo contacted SPF from his hometown in North Carolina. Together with the Coaching Staff, Adrianno selected the one and a half year-long program to enhance his soccer skills—focus mainly on his tactical skills by playing Spanish football.


Adrianno got his first taste of Spanish professional football when he signed with one of the strongest Spanish minor league teams, Huracan Valencia. During the first half of his season, Adrianno used it as an adaption period. Coming from the States, Adrianno needed to take his current ways of playing football, the new skills he was learning, and use them to find his perfect mix of the old and the new ways.

Adriano Pizzo at Spanish Pro Football Academy training


Throughout the course of that 1.5 year-long program, Adrianno spent his morning training at the SPF Academy and his afternoons practicing with the Hurcans. With the two different practices he was attending, Adrianno found his mix and rode it to a successful start of his professional football career.


Moving on from Huracan Valencia, Adrianno spent the second half of his program playing for the Chirivella CF. At the end of the season, the team finished in a great spot with Adriann as one of the club’s main players. During this time, Adrianno continued to spend his mornings with the SPF Coaching Staff and his afternoons with the club.


Upon the end of his program with SPF, Adrianno decided to head back to North Carolina. It was here that Adrianno signed with Bragg FC a United Premier Soccer League team.  Although a member of the UPSL, Bragg FC was considered a semi-professional team.

By training at Spanish Pro Football Academy, Pizzo improved his speed and intensive skills. He added these newly skills to his long-lateral pass and his ability to make combination plays.

Currently out recovering from a hand surgery, Adrianno is expected to join his squad later this week.

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Seven Days Spanish Football Experience in Valencia and Madrid with; Regional Sports

The Abu Dhabi Football Academy develop a complete program in Madrid and Valencia for his U11 and U13 team
The partnership between Spanish Pro Football Academy and the Arab Emirate´s football academy Regional Sports complete another mile in their relationship last spring break with the with the visiting of Regional Sports with two of its team to Spain.
Spanish Pro Football Academy designed an intensive program for the teams, the goal was don’t waste one minute, Regional Sports only had seven days and because this, the program must be intensive.
The way to design the program was to combine friendly matches with relevant academy teams from Valencia area, like Valencia CF, UD Bétera and CF San José with training session managed by SPF coaches.
The training session with SPF coaches was focused to work deeply some aspects of the technical team skills to adapt the team to the Spanish style of game; more intensive than Regional Sports teams use to develop in their own country.

This adaptive training sessions are created to bring to the players an upgrade to their personal and team-play skills to create a gap between they and the other players when they return to their leagues.
One week of intensive training program is enough to have relevant improvement in the player´s skills, because this Regional Sports combine trainings and matches same day, to develop the full potential of the program against potent rivals.

The players from Regional Sports had the opportunity to seat in the locker room of Valencia CF First team players

The football program was complete visiting Spanish cultural monuments like the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, or the old town of Valencia, with their centenary royal houses.
Besides it, the final point for the stage was the visit of the group to visiting Real Madrid Stadium; Santiago Bernabeu. Just one and half hour from Valencia with fast train.
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The Spanish soccer experience of; Prostars Soccer Toronto

Eight days stage in the roots of European soccer trough SPF by ProStars Soccer Academy

Spring break is a great moment to enjoy the family, friends or to dedicate time to your hobbies.

Our friends of Prostars Soccer from Toronto brought us the possibility to design them, an immersive eight days stage program to the roots of one of the top soccer hubs worldwide; Valencia.

The Toronto based soccer academy moved two boys team from U15 and U12 group to Valencia. In the hands of Spanish Pro Football Academy was the duty to organize a once in a live experience for these groups.

The groups had eight days to enjoy their experience, so we decided to share the stage in two parts;

The first was focus to improve the tactical and technical group skills with intensive training sessions managed by Spanish Pro Football Academy coaches. The goal was to adapt the groups into the Spanish soccer intensive system. This intensive training have been complete with friendly matches against the young teams of two of the most awareness soccer academies in Spain, Valencia CF young Academy and Levante UD young Academy.

The second part had the focus in the competition. The two of Prostars Soccer´s boys team held part of the Valencia Soccer Cup, a prestigious competition organized by Valencia CF in its soccer complex with the participation of teams worldwide.

The players had the opportunity to test their previous stage with SPF´s coaches against teams from Spain and overseas. The result of the tournament was successful for the two Soccerstars teams, the U15 team achieves a successful third place of his age group and the U12 arrived to the semifinal play-off.

The players of ProStars Soccer Academy of Toronto enjoyed an eight days experience in one of the best soccer places worldwide. If you are interested to design your own program do not hesitate to reach us at , we will be glad to inform you about all the possibilities.

Summer is coming, it's soccer camp time

Summer is coming, it’s Soccer Camp Time

Spanish Pro Football Academy opens the admission list for his summer camp

Summer is coming, it's soccer camp time
Spring is officially here, only three months to welcome the summer and the main clubs are planning their own summer camps. In SPF we are not avoiding it, and we are ready to lunch our International Summer Camp in Valencia, Spain.

Our camp runs the same philosophy as our academy and we adapt it to each nationality and age group. This philosophy is focused in the Spanish football training methodology in double daily training session (morning and afternoon) drive by Spanish FIFA certificated coaches with large experience in international soccer.

Summer is coming, it's Soccer Camp TimeThe SPF Summer Camp has not a concrete day on/off dates, so players interested to attend it can planning easier their vacation period without losing day of training and holidays. This flexibility brings the capacity to develop an individual follow up to each player planning an own “summer program”.

The Spanish Pro Football Academy bring to their summer camp participants a full booked residence where will share training and summer activities, like beach day and cultural experiences with visits to the old town or the futurist “Arts & Science City” , all placed in the city of Valencia. All the activities and the residence hosting are coordinated by the managers of the Spanish Pro Football Academy who takes care for all the players integrated in the summer camp program.

Complementary the camp brings the possibility to attend to the Valencia CF Summer Camp and hosting services for the parents who wants to come to Spain to enjoy this football experience as a family.

If you are interested to receive more information about our summer camp like dates and rates; do not hesitate to contact us at We will attend ad hoc each request

Discovering our coaches: David Sanz, the difference is in the experience

David Sanz -SPF Football Academy

Our coach David Sanz achieves more than fifteen years of experience in ten different countries. With years of experience in more than ten different countries, David Sanz brings a deep understanding about countries particularities to understand football.

David started his football coach career in the academy of Valencia CF where have been awarded quickly as best academy coach in 2005, appreciating his professional work focus and the newest of his methodology.

David Sanz -SPF Football AcademyBecause all these awards David Sanz has been promoted by Valencia CF to be one of the heads for the international academies in the Valencia CF managing the football academies for Valencia CF over the world and the Wanda Project at Valencia CF Academy.

The list of countries where David have develop his football career is extensive; Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, Martinica, Jamaica, Bermuda Island, Australia, Canada, United States and Brazil. All these country experience brought David the skills to develop an ad hoc specific work for each group thought a deeply understanding of the needs of each soccer level and the bespoke of the Spanish training methodology to each one.

David is being coach of Spanish Pro Football Academy from June 2016 and he is the director of football methodology. He shares his duties in the Spanish Pro Football Academy with the coaching for the professional Chinese team; Wuhan Chufeng Heli F.C. based in Wuhan.

The experience of David is so appreciated by our players. They can find in David Sanz one football professional coach who can understand their needs before they understand it because his deeply knowledge of each worldwide football region, with friendly approaching.

If do you want to know more about our services and our bespoke football programs, feel free to contact us in this email address: We will be happy to attend it.

Spanish Pro Football Academy and El Puig will held its first Women Football Tournament

Spanish Pro Football Academy and El Puig will held their first Women Football Tournament

The competition will host a discussion panel with Pedro Malabia, FIFA Women competition director, and Martina Olivas, La Liga Women League manager

Spanish Pro Football Academy and El Puig will held their first Women Football Tournament

The relevance of women in the football is rising fast and the interest from the public is getting bigger last years. Spain, one of the main “soccer countries” is being part of this phenomenal.

The latest new in this scenario is a new women tournament born to be one of the main reference in the Spanish football. The tournament, called “1st WOMEN SOCCER TOURNAMENT – SPF VILLA DE EL PUIG” is promoted by Spanish Pro Football Academy and his main difference is based in the complementary events besides the games will be held around the tournament.

Spanish Pro Football Academy and El Puig will held their first Women Football TournamentSpecial note for the discussion panel will held March 22nd at 19:00 in the Culture House of El Puig, where is schedule an interest evening with some relevant names of the women football in Europe like:

  • Pedro Zamora (COPE SPORTS radio journalist)
  • Martina Olivas (La Liga Women Director)
  • Pedro Malavia (Women Competition Manager for FIFA)
  • Quino García (Coach Levante UD Women)
  • Jesús Oliva (Coach Valencia CF Women)

A really interesting event that shows the relevance for the women soccer in Spain.

Regarding the sport aspect, the tournament will host three categories; U11, U13, U15 and amateur who will complete a minimum of five matches on its category with; three matches pair group, two semifinals and the final.

The women teams of Valencia CF, Levante UD, UD Aldaia CF, Mislata CF,…have confirmed their participation and secures an interest sporting level for this tournament, which can be a notorious item in the women football season.

Football Team Stage in Spain

Football Team Stage in Spain

From UAE to Canada, two different team experience by Spanish Pro Football Academy

Football Team Stage in Spain

Football has no borders, love for the game and passion for the ball is common to all the countries in the world. But if we has to fix an epicenter for soccer worldwide, this is Spain.

At the end of the month of March two football academies; ProSoccer from Canada and Regional Sports from UAE, miles away one each other, will meet in Spain thanks of the managing of Spanish Football Academy.

The Canadians are coming Spain to participate in the Valencia CF Cup, and will complement this participation in the tournament with four days of training sessions managed by coaches from SPF, friendly games against local teams and excursions to the city of Valencia.

Football Team Stage in SpainBy their side the members of Regional Sports will spend seven days with a full training program managed by Spanish Pro Football Academy coaches combined with friendly games against local teams and a short 24 trip to Madrid visiting the Real Madrid Stadium, the legendary Santiago Bernabeu.

All these programs have been developed and managing by Spanish Pro Soccer Academy, as a part of its service of stages and trainings for teams.

SPF studies the needs and the circumstances of each team and their availability for calendars, to design a bespoke program with professional Spanish coaches and in professional football pitch to have the best possible experience for the team including the logistic aspect.

The final goal of all these teams are usually the same enjoy the experience being in the worldwide epicenter of football and improve their football level as a whole team. These suitable programs are one of the best ways to do it, with the warranty of one of the most successful academies in Spain.