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New Japan Football player enrolled in our football academy.

Spanish Pro Football Academy welcomes its second Japanese player; Ren Nagamatsu. Original from the Aomori Prefecture, Ren had a long relationship with soccer being part of the Aomori Yamada Soccer Academy, one of the most successful football academies in Japan. Enrolled in Aomori Yamada squad;  Ren has been playing in the top tier for the […]

Spanish Pro Football Academy Players continues growing with their Spanish football teams

The players enrolled in the professional player’s development program are continuing their formation with their respective Spanish teams and playing their weekly team. Our South Korean player Ley scored last week his first goal. Ley is playing in Junior honor division, the top tier for Spanish teams in junior age. His current team, Racing Algemesi, […]

SPF Academy, Spanish Football learning from Valencia to the world

The main goal of Spanish Pro Football Academy is to make accessible for player worldwide the possibility to compete for football in Spain. This was the why the managers’ team started this project three years ago and after this period we are proud to show the successful case of many players are turning their dreams […]

Debut for our goalkeeper from India, Aaryan Saroha

The player from New Delhi, India played his first match in Spain enrolled in the CD Zafranar minor leagues team in Spain. Aaryan played his first match in Spain with the Junior team of CD Zafranar competing in Regional Junior 2nd division in Valencia, Spain. Spanish Pro Football Academy signed an agreement with CD Zafranar […]

SPF Academy will manage the Fulham FC International Player Development Programme in Valencia.

Last Thursday the Premier League club Fulham Football Club announced a new international player development programme launching in Valencia in partnership with The Higher Sports Academy, a British corporation associated with Spanish Pro Football Academy. This program is created for international players from 16 to 19 years old and has the goal to bring access […]

SPF Academy former player Tae Hun Kim enrolled for Gyeongnam FC

The player is one of the new hires for the 2017 K League Champion, Gyeongnam FC starting its second year at the top tier in the South Korean football. Tae Hun was enrolled for two years in Spanish Pro Football Academy with our professional player development program. Doing the program Kim had the opportunity to […]

Looking back SPF Academy 2018 year events

Past 2018 was a big year for SPF Academy, we made very good new friends and some of our old friends made us proud of them starting their professional career in clubs worldwide. The past year was the first for SPF Academy as tournament promoters and managers bringing us the opportunity to meet new players […]

SPF Academy organizes the Valencia CF Associated Football Schools tournament.

The traditional Christmas under 8 years old ´s tournament had the participation of some of the academy teams associated to the Valencia CF and all those forms the plantation of the next Valencia CF football players generation. The tournament celebrated at the Valencia CF football complex was restricted to pre-Benjamin category collecting players between 6 […]

Indonesia national team player, Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

The Indonesian player Firza Andika recently join into the SPF Academy family to move one step forward in his professional career. Firza is a full left side player, heading offensive left wing and midfielder or a defensive left back position, and he enrolled Spanish Pro Football Academy to receive a specific training program last month […]